TraCS is the award winning data collection, records management, and reporting software for public safety professionals.

TraCS provides the tools and functionality to record, retrieve, and manage incident information wherever and whenever needed.

From e-Citations and e-Crashes to Arrest and Incident reports, TraCS is the preferred solution for public safety agencies across North America.

Electronic Forms

Avoid data entry errors that plague paper systems

  • e-Citation, e-Crash, e-Warning, NIBRS/UCR incident, commercial vehicle inspection (replaces Aspen), arrest, jail booking, DUI/DWI, contact, time and activity, evidence collection and tracking, and many more
  • Innovative databars make it quick and easy to enter accurate information
  • Built-in diagramming tools and seamless compatibility with many commercially available diagramming software
  • Common information gives you the ability to enter information once and reuse it throughout the application

Case Management

Manage Investigations and Build Cases

  • Case Manager for searching and organizing case files
  • Case Builder for packaging case records for court
  • Print Manager for report printing including public releases, redacted reports, and standardized letters
  • Case attachments to store Word and PDF documents, video and audio files, and other file types directly with your case.
  • Validation rules at the case level make sure all of the pieces of the case are completed correctly.


Keep all agency records in one place and maximize the value of your agency's information

  • Master Indexes, Involvement, and Confidential records provide complete RMS functionality
  • Advanced searches, Ad-hoc, and Analysis based reporting helps you make sense of the data collected


Get accurate data immediately at the scene instead of later at the office

  • Rules ensure data collected is correct and complete
  • Instant feedback when required data is omitted or invalid


Let TraCS handle the flow of your incidents from start to finish

  • Business flow allows the software to adapt to the way you already do business; Not the other way around
  • Mobile and Office modes allow you to work from anywhere on any device


Transmit records to external sources faster than ever before

  • Effortless data sharing with existing external applications
  • Capability to transmit data to state and federal agencies in any format


Enjoy compatibility with many devices

  • Image and signature capturing using barcode imagers, signature tablets, and many other peripherals
  • 2D barcode and magnetic strip reading of AAMVA PDF417 data embedded in driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and commercial CAB cards directly into a TraCS form


Geocode every TraCS form for location based analysis

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates can be easly attached to every form with a simple click on a map
  • Your current location can be used to position the Location Tool automatically when using a GPS reciever with TraCS


Use all the features of TraCS with the convenience of a web based deployment

  • Use both TraCS and TraCS Web devices to meet your agency's unique connectivity needs
  • Overcome limited connectivity by using TraCS in web services mode where offline use is almost as robust as online use


Customize the entire TraCS application using the TraCS SDK Tools

  • Build new forms, reports, and validation rules to use in your agency
  • Use the Forms Builder, Rules, Builder, Database Builder, and Analysis Report Builder to customize TraCS for your ageny's needs

A Brief Look at TraCS

Forms Manager

Get an overview of your current cases, unfinished work, and To Do list through your personalized TraCS dashboard.

Forms Viewer

Create new reports or edit existing ones. Ensure your work is complete and accurate before submitting it for approval.

Case Information

Manage your open cases, add information, and update statuses. Prepare documents for prosecuting the case in court.

TraCS Web

Use all of the functionality of TraCS in a web-based deployment. Enjoy the same look and feel of TraCS in any browser.

Software Development Kit

Build new forms, reports, and validation rules and completely customize TraCS to fit the way your agency already does business.

Analysis Reporting

Analyze your agency's data by creating advanced statistical reports and plotting the results on a map for visual representation.

Benefits of TraCS

TraCS is a scalable enterprise public safety software solution that allows you to maximize the value of your agency's information.

  • Reduces paperwork that takes away from valuable patrol time.

  • Eliminates messy handwriting, misspellings, and incomplete or incorrectly filled in forms.

  • Allows data to be collected in the field where the incident happens instead of after the fact back at the office.

  • Numerous data input devices including barcode readers, magnetic stripe readers, and signature tablets make collecting information fast, easy, and accurate.

  • Complete Incidents, Investigations, Arrests, e-Citations, e-Crashes and many, many more forms and reports.

  • Seamless interface to MACH for a complete mobile silent dispatching solution, NCIC/NLETS queries, wireless access to the TraCS database directly from the car, and point and click map-based location of incidents.

  • Allows collected data to be transmitted to state and federal agencies automatically in any format necessary including GJXML, NEIM, and NDEx.

MACH is the next generation of collaborative command and control software for public safety professionals.

MACH utilizes an innovative internet communications architecture that allows users and agencies to share information for facilitating cooperation and organization during every day activities and emergency events.

Real Time Data

Know your surroundings with real time data

  • Intuitive interface to see and communicate with all MACH software users instantly
  • Unit, CFS, Incident, and Alert locations

Real Time Unit Mapping

Experience up-to-date unit mapping in the vehicle, office, and command center

  • Integrated common maps provide familiar imagery including aerial views of unfamiliar structures
  • Automated Personnel Location (APL) allows you to track users even when they leave their vehicles

Computer Aided Dispatching

Dispatch silently and effectively from the communications center

  • Take Calls for Service (CFS) including incident location, type, and priority
  • Locate the most qualified unit with point-and-click map and proximity tools
  • Dispatch services including EMS and towing services
  • Allow officers to self dispatch for traffic stops and other minor incidents

Instant Messaging

Stay informed with instant messaging and multi-unit chat sessions

  • Alert (by proximity or invite): Amber, Missing Person, Officer Needs Assistance, Stolen Vehicle, Wanted Person, and, Weather Advisory
  • Incident (by proximity or invite): Accident, Domestic, Fire, Homeland Security, Medical, and Natural Disaster
  • Broadcast messages to user groups or the entire agency

Cross-Agency Interoperability

Cooperate with your neighboring public safety agencies

  • Coordinate with law enforcement, fire, EMS, and highway / DOT agencies
  • Decide when and how your units communicate with units from other agencies

Custom Maps

Increase your awareness with custom map features

  • Custom map zones for easy dispatching - Jurisdiction, County / Municipal boundaries, etc.
  • Custom map markers that can be placed by officers in the field
  • Custom map layers to show high crime areas, highway cameras, snowplow locations and more

NCIC / NLETS Searches

Don’t bother dispatch. Run searches directly from your computer.
  • Search persons, vehicles, guns, and other articles
  • Get Driver's License photos from the DOT

Unit Activity and Message Logging

Improve agency and unit performance with reviewable history

  • Revisit an incident with session and message history
  • Watch recorded playback of a unit’s whereabouts

MACH for iOS and Android

Use all of the features of MACH on the latest tablet and smartphone devices

  • Take the information and safety features with you when you leave the vehicle
  • Manage resources and keep an eye on things when you are on the go


Interface and share information with external systems

  • Use BOTS to relay CFS information to your state 511 center or to interface with your e-911 system
  • BOTS are flexible modules that allow you to customize how MACH works and interacts with the outside world

A Brief Look At MACH


See all units and their locations from any MACH device no matter where you are. Add map layers for traffic cameras, high crime areas, disabled vehicles, and many others.

Units List

Quickly view a list of all available units, thier statuses, and the call for services they are on. Check in on low activity units to ensure everything is OK.

CAD Calls for Service

Use MACH's high-volume, enterprise level CAD system to take calls for service and dispatch units. Interface MACH with your e-911 system for automated CFS entry.


Communicate user to user or chat with groups of users within your agency or with other agencies. MACH makes agency interoperability and cooperation easy.


Create MACH BOTS to interface with other systems including your state switch for driver's license and registration data to be used in MACH and on TraCS forms.

MACH for iOS

Take all of the features of MACH with you. MACH for iOS and MACH for Android give you complete mobile access when out of the office and when you leave your vehicle.

Benefits of MACH

MACH is a central communications and mapping software platform for use by public safety professionals to collaborate and enhance operations during everyday activities and emergency incidents.

  • Cross agency communication and collaboration.

  • Enterprise high-volume computer aided dispatching.

  • Command and communication center arena-view of all resources including law enforcement, EMS, fire, and DOT/highway.

  • In-car session based view so that field personnel have the same information available to them that command does.

  • Google Maps provide up to date road and satellite views as well as all of the other features you have come to rely on from Google.

  • MACH interfaces with TraCS for a complete mobile desktop solution.