About Technology Enterprise Group, Inc.

We create state of the art software tools that empower public safety professionals while making them safer and more effective.

Technology Enterprise Group, Inc. (TEG) was established in 1999 to meet the data collection, records management, and communications needs of the public safety community.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality public safety solutions using leading edge technology while maintaining an excellent level of client support. We base our success on the success of our nationally recognized TraCS software and our inovative MACH command and control application.

We value the relationships we establish and grow with our clients. Relating to and understanding our client's business ensures that we provide real solutions to real needs.

Technology Enterprise Group, Inc. is a privately held, high technology corporation based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. Our humble beginnings and ability to attract talent from the finest technical universities in the Pittsburgh area, give TEG the unique capability of providing first class products and services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

TEG is proud to be involved with the National Model for the Statewide Application of Data Collection and Management Technology to Improve Highway Safety program. Not only do we design, develop, maintain, and support the flagship applications provided by the National Model but we have also assisted numerous state, provincial and local law enforcement and other public safety agencies with their data collection, records management, and communications software solutions.

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Our Software

Technology Enterprise Group, Inc. concentrates our efforts on developing software that makes a difference. Safety, effectiveness, and efficiency are our driving force when designing innovative solutions to public safety needs.

  • TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software), the nationally recognized and award winning public safety software, provides a total data collection and records management solution for public safety agencies of all sizes. The same software being used by thousands of public safety agencies and by tens of thousands of law enforcement and other public safety professionals throughout North America can be used by your agency too at an affordable cost.
  • MACH (Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling) is a central communications hub that features CAD, APL, mobile dispatching, user to user messaging, cross agency collaboration for first responders, in-car mapping and display of other public safety units nearby, and state switch interface capabilities. MACH combined with TraCS provides a complete public safety solution.
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Our Services

Technology Enterprise Group, Inc. provides a wide range of services for data collection, records management, and communications for public safety. From design and development of new custom applications to integration, implementation and deployment of our products, TEG has the experience and resources you can rely on.

    All TEG software is available on a subscription basis. Let us host the software for you in a secure, cloud-based environment so you don't have to deal with all of the technical details. Simply connect and go. You get worry-free access to enterprise software without the overhead.
    Since TEG designs, develops, maintains, and supports TraCS and MACH for the National Model program, who better to help you with your software implementation needs than us?

    TEG can build your TraCS forms, reports, validation rules, and databases for you, using the TraCS Software Development Kit (SDK). We can install TraCS and MACH on your servers and in your vehicles at your agency and train your users and administrators. If you need custom development done for TraCS or MACH such as interfacing to your state switch or exporting data to a state or federal stakeholder, we can help with that too.
    We can help you analyze your current information needs and suggest the best approach for implementing a data collection, records management, and/or communications solution that will give you the competitive edge you've been looking for. With our extensive experience, we know what it takes to make projects successful. From finicky, anti-technology, end users to complicated and outdated legacy enterprise systems to leading edge, state of the art, technology, TEG has seen it all and has "been there, done that". Let us share our expertise with you.
    We use technology intelligently and offer real solutions to real-life everyday issues. Just because the technology exists, it doesn't mean that the need will fit the technology. We ensure that the technology always fits the need. TEG typically uses the rapid application development (RAD) and Agile development models for developing new software. We believe our approach gets you great custom software in your hands faster and at an overall lower cost.

what people say

I have never worked with a vendor that was so willing to help so quickly and get things done the right way. Florida has a great working relationship with TEG and we would not be so far along without their help. Their level of support and quickness to react to major issues is a big reason why TraCS is such a success in Florida.

Amy Pontillo, TraCS Florida
Program Manager

You don’t even need an IT person to get your agency integrated to the MACH Network.

Chief Aaron Lauth, Mt. Lebanon PD

I talked to a retiring Iowa Trooper recently and he told me that “In my 25 years of service, MACH is the greatest advancement in officer safety that I have seen.” To me, that is the highest acclamation any software product can hope to receive. Since seeing MACH in action statewide in Iowa, I can’t help but agree with him.

Josh Halterman, Iowa DOT
National Model Program Manager

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Do you like new technologies? Do you like to solve difficult problems on a daily basis? Can you think outside the box and challenge the norm? And most importantly, do you want what you create to be used by tens of thousands of public safety professionals every day to make a difference in the world?

If so and you crave to work with a team of others just like you, then you just may be ready for the career of a lifetime at

Technology Enterprise Group, Inc.

People are our most important asset. Our people are the company, the driving force that motivates and inspires us. We strongly believe that our success is firmly rooted in recruiting, training, developing and retaining talent.

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Latest Technologies

We are always looking for new ways to provide extraordinary solutions for our clients. If there is a new and relevant technology out there that we don't know yet, we learn everything about it.

Challenging Projects

Our clients are constantly raising the bar with what they want to accomplish. We don't shy away from difficult projects, we embrace them, because the hardest projects are usually the most rewarding.

Great Benefits

TEG offers a top-shelf benefits package including health, drug, vision, dental, life, and disability insurances. We also offer industry competitive salaries and flexible retirement plans.

Work-Life Balance

There is a time to work hard and a time to play hard. TEG offers paid leave and holidays, a flexible work schedule, and a fun and energetic work environment including regular company activities.