Welcome to the National Model program
For The Statewide Application of Data Collection
and Management Technology to Improve Highway Safety
Offering a Complete Statewide RMS and CAD Solution

The National Model

for the Statewide Application of Data Collection and Management Technology to Improve Highway Safety

The National Model program provides state agencies with enterprise level software solutions
for use by public safety professionals.

The National Model software offerings include:


Build and track cases, gather intelligence, search master indexes, and manage evidence. TraCS RMS maximizes the value of your agency's information.

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Use TraCS as a complete Aspen replacement for conducting Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections and uploading them to FMCSA SAFER.

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Communicate agency to agency and user to user for unsurpassed agency collaboration and interoperability. Locate personnel on a map, in vehicle or on foot.

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Take 911 calls for service and dispatch the appropriate units to the incident based on proximity and other qualifications. Let mobile units self-dispatch for traffic stops.

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The member states and partners of the National Model program have been working together for over fifteen years to share lessons learned and work through today's highway safety and public safety challenges by designing and developing software solutions that work.

Law Enforcement

Use TraCS and MACH together to provide a complete law enforcement solution from e-Crash, e-Ticketing, and incident management to agency dispatch, interoperability, and communications.


Use MACH to dispatch fire units to incidents and seamlessly share information with TraCS to complete incident and investigation reports. Use TraCS to keep track of station equipment inventory.


Use MACH to dispatch EMS and Ambulances to incidents while notifying hospitals of in-route patients and their condition. Use TraCS to complete run and patient care reports.

National Model Software

The National Model software offerings provide public safety professionals with data collection, records management, and communications tools that make them safer and more effective.

  • TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software), the nationally recognized and award winning public safety software, provides a total data collection and records management solution for public safety agencies of all sizes. The same software being used by thousands of public safety agencies and by tens of thousands of law enforcement and other public safety professionals throughout North America can be used by your state too at an affordable cost.
  • MACH (Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling) is a central communications hub that features CAD, APL, mobile dispatching, user to user messaging, cross agency collaboration for first responders, in-car mapping and display of other public safety units nearby, and state switch interface capabilities. MACH combined with TraCS provides a complete public safety solution.
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Join the National Model Program

The National Model for the Statewide Application of Data Collection and Management Technology to Improve Highway Safety is a nationally recognized program for sharing information, resources, and technologies to improve safety.

  • Use enterprise level software in an interstate, collaborative consortium.
  • Get statewide licenses of TraCS and MACH at steeply discounted prices.
  • Join the other 16 states, provinces, and territories (listed below) to allow scarce resources to be used more efficiently.
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