The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles is the lead agency for the TraCS Program. Wisconsin law enforcement agencies began using “Badger TraCS” in June of 2005. Today, more than 90% of agencies (state, county, local, and tribal) use TraCS as their data collection and transmission tool. Some TraCS agencies have even reported a 30% increase in citations processing speed. In addition, courts, district attorney’s offices, data analysts, and the State’s Department of Transportation and Department of Natural Resources realize benefits from electronic transmission of data using Wisconsin’s Badger TraCS system.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is the lead agency for MACH with joint funding coming from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Wisconsin State Patrol works cooperatively with the TraCS program run by the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles to assure the continued seamless integration between the two programs. MACH users within Wisconsin enjoy all of the features provided by the software including the Bot Request feature that allows approved users to query state and NCIC data for subsequent import into the forms within TraCS.

  • LEAD AGENCY: Department of Transportation/Division of Motor Vehicles/Citations and Withdrawals Section
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Internal Staff
  • TRACS SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: Badger TraCS has been adopted by over 500 state, county, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. There are over 10,000 law enforcement personnel using Badger TraCS in Wisconsin. Agencies have the option of using up to 20 different forms and are currently submitting 100% of all 2017 crashes electronically since 2017 and 98% of all traffic citations electronically through Badger TraCS. In Wisconsin, law enforcement agencies have the option of setting up Badger TraCS in a network, single computer, or web services environment with mobile computers connected in all environments.
  • MACH SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: MACH has over 4,000 users from over 180 state, county, local and tribal public safety agencies across Wisconsin. The information within MACH is shared with users from our State Traffic Operations Center (STOC) as well as with external partners including Wisconsin Emergency Management and the Wisconsin National Guard.
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: Wisconsin will continue to add new forms to Badger TraCS per law enforcement requests as well as complete the implementation of the TraCS RMS functionality.
  • LAST UPDATED: 2018/03
TraCS Use

Wisconsin currently has 20 forms in Badger TraCS including:

  • Crash (includes Car/Deer, Amended and Fatal Supplement)
  • Uniform Traffic Citation
  • Non-Traffic Citation
  • Warning
  • Natural Resources Citation
  • Alcohol Incident
  • Drug and Alcohol Influence
  • Citizen Contact
  • Contact Summary
  • Inspection
  • Equipment
  • Task
  • Arrest
  • Case Summary
  • Vehicle Killed Wild Animal Permit
  • Driver Condition and Behavior
  • Call for Service
  • Attachment
  • Pursuit

ADDITIONAL FORM DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Wisconsin plans to develop the following forms in the near future:

  • Incident Based Reporting
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection (VSIS - Aspen Replacement)

MACH software is currently run on laptop computers in land based patrol vehicles, marine units, airplanes and in mobile command posts. MACH is also used by dispatchers in communication centers and by public safety support and command staff in office locations and in emergency operations centers.

MACH serves as the computer aided dispatch (CAD) software for the Wisconsin State Patrol and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Wisconsin continues to explore the options for the session based visibility that MACH can offer as well as CAD driven notifications that can be shared with our public safety partners.

Darlene Schwartz
TraCS Program Manager
608 440 7627
Sergeant David Harvey
MACH Program Manager
608 709 0073