North Dakota

North Dakota uses TraCS Web exclusively on desktop computers in a centralized hosted environment. TraCS is installed on field units and the data is end shifted to the TraCS Web server. Training and support is provided by our contractor. TraCS Web is the central repository for crash data for the State.

  • LEAD AGENCY: North Dakota Department of Transportation
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Internal Staff and Contractor
  • TRACS SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: 82 agencies and 1800 users.
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: Continue to maintain the existing agencies that are using TraCS.
  • LAST UPDATED: 2018/03
TraCS Use

Forms being used by North Dakota include:

  • Crash Report (long form)
  • Crash Report (short form)
  • Electronic Citation
  • Electronic Warning Ticket
  • Report and Notice Form (DUI)
  • Driver Insurance Exchange Form
  • Request for Re-exam Form
  • Insurance Verification Form

The following Analysis Reports are being used by North Dakota:

  • Crashes by Date NDMVCR
  • Crashes by Frequent Days NDMVCR
  • Fatal Contributing Factors NDMVCR
  • Fatal Crash Date Time Day NDMVCR
  • Fatal Crash Locations NDMVCR
  • Incapacitating Contributing Factors NDMVCR
  • Incapacitating Crash Date Time Day NDMVCR
  • Incapacitating Crash Locations NDMVCR
  • Most Frequent Contributing Factors NDMVCR
  • Most Frequent Dates NDMVCR
  • Most Frequent Locations NDMVCR
  • Most Frequent Times NDMVCR
  • NDCIT Violation by Date and User
  • NDCIT Void Reason
  • NDMVCR Driver Distracted By
  • NDMVCR by Street and Intersection
  • Percentage of Crashes Involving Alcohol Drugs NDMVCR
  • Percentage of Fatal Crashes Involving Alcohol Drugs NDMVCR
  • Percentage of Incapacitating Crashes Involving Alcohol Drugs NDMVCR

ADDITIONAL FORM DEVELOPMENT PLANS: No immediate plans for future forms.


North Dakota hasn't implemented MACH yet.

Karin Mongeon
Safety Division Director
701 328 4434
Melissa Casteel
Research Analyst, FARS Supervisor
701 328 1805
Steve May
Traffic Records Coordinator, FARS Analyst
701 328 4352